Digital First Approach

Businesses organize in a digital environment today. Taking a digital-first approach helps address legacy issues by simplifying solutions and enabling business leaders, customers and employees to enjoy a more consistent and reliable digital future.

Successful digital companies focus on implementing digital processes instead of software tools and technologies.

Let’s take for example:
An insurance company recently not only applied technology to their claims processing for car accidents, but they also explored how digital processing could improve productivity. Instead of challenging every claim, they added thresholds, self service and AI. They reduced the turn around time on claims, improved the customer’s experience, preemptively caught fraud, and saved money. This is their holistic digital process approach.

Case Study

98 %

automation improvement of claims

12 days

reduction in approval time

25 %

increase customer satisfaction

Advanced Insurance recently took on the “digital first” challenge. As part of upgrading their claims processing system, we looked at the claims process. Using AI, helped identify more than 98% of claims under $800 were typically not fraudulent and were quickly approved by adjuster.

Using the Digital First approach, Advanced Insurance automated the processing of claims under $800. They introduced a self service portal and mobile application for the customers. They put in their information and the AI processed from there.

The claim processing time reduced by days because the claim routing was automated to appropriate departments. With the AI engine, claims were analyzed for fraud and compliance in real-time. These efforts resulted increase productivity because the claim details were correct from the source which translated to Advanced Insurance saving time and money.

Even better, the customer satisfaction increased by 25% because customers were able to get to repairs quicker with less challenges.


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